Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Press-Ganey survey answers that make me smile

-In answer to nursing-attention to your needs-It took 2 hours to get a cup of coffee for a patient with abdominal pain.....when I work for Starbucks I will worry about that one.

-Under arrival-comfort of waiting area-The waiting area was very UNcomfortable-there were people coughing and getting sick almost everywhere! (welcome to my life)

-Under courtesy of the nurses-Nurse rudely told me to move my car from the ambulance bay when I was dropping off my wife. (Unless you are in a big truck with lights on top and a stretcher in the back...yes, I'll ask you to move your car)

-The patient with the POOR waiting time in the treatment area before they were seen by the dr, when time of registration to, time to room, to time to dr. was 17 minutes. For something not life threatening a waiting time like that is not POOR. The world doesn't revolve around you and though it may seem 'quiet' you don't know what is in the other rooms and most likely you weren't the 'only patient' we had!

-Nurses-attention to your needs-The nurses were just standing around talking at the nursing station. I won't say this never happens, but sometimes when people think we are just 'talking' we are actually communicating about our patients, what we need to do, what we have done, who needs to be consulted, how someone is getting to CT, whether there will be a room for the newly admitted patient on the floors or do we hold them in the ER, And can the guy with the abdominal pain have some coffee...he's been asking for 2 hours now.

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