Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Milk and Molasses Enema-STAT!!!

A friend of mine had to call and vent about a shift recently. My days off are sacred, and I really don't like hearing about bad things that happen at work, it messes up my feng shui, screws with my chi, fluffs my aura! But, since she is like my little sister, I let her proceed.

She was on the cardiac assignment and among her patients was a patient being admitted to the floor..he had a few complaints but one of them was he was chock FOS. Another patient was pretty unstable...being put on a neo gtt, etc. The admitting dr wanted patient A's enema given before they went to the floor. What tha.....? Are you kidding me, lets delay the admission to give a milk and molasses enema? Sounds like he is literally shitting on the ER. (or has a crush on the floor nurse) Well, my friend told him, 'No....can't do the enema, I'm busy in another room.' the admitting dr. called the nursing supervisor to complain he felt she was too good to do an enema!!! Huh...wha? And, after hearing the facts...the supervisor still wanted to know what my friend could have done better to make sure that all of her patients had their needs met. As an old nurse I used to work with used to say....why not shove a broom up my ass and I can sweep the floors at the same time!

I know I read in nsg school that the old time nurses tended the wood stoves and cleaned and swept the floors and gave a head to toe bath TID....but they didn't have neo gtts to start and titrate. OR milk and mollasses enemas, STAT!

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Nancy said...

I am SO SORRY for you. Haven't had to give an M&M enema ,yet. How can you tell the enema from the stool???
I could never do ER. Spent 25 years in coronary ICU in the Midwest.