Monday, October 8, 2007


I have worked at the same hospital for well over a decade. We have always gotten a 'bonus' around the holidays. Last spring we were told that our bonus would be dependent on receiving >80% press-ganey reports. I never depend on my bonus, but I found out that there are people I work with who aren't dr's and nurses that pay their heating bills for the winter with the bonus.

There is a complete multimillion dollar renovation going on for the past few years and new dr's offices, urgent care, etc. I may be cynical, but I was convinced they were over budget and wanted to balance the books by creating an unobtainable goal. How would we improve our scores with MAJOR construction and confusion just finding the main entrance of the hospital? Not to mention a loss of rooms during construction and an increase in the numbers of patients. It almost became routine to be holding admitted patients in the ER, treating ER patients in hallways. We even commandeered other departments that were closed on weekends to treat fast-track type patients. Still, we did our best, and met our goal. And, we got our bonuses.

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