Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rx for the RN

I have had a Rx on my fridge underneath a magnet my mother gave me of an angel-nurse. The prescription is for Bitchstop-maximum dose-repeat for infinity. This prescription was given to me on a particularly hellacious day in the ER by one of my favorite MD's.

Today I received a new Rx from another physician. We were discussing Napoleon, of all people, and I jokingly observed how much he and le petit caporal had in common. To which he replied-'Kiss my ass!' I promptly asked him if that was an order-and if so to write it as such. Now I have a prescription for 'Kiss my ass-STAT-QD-PRN' under my angel-nurse magnet too.

I'm pretty sure this is a class A substance and may be extremely addictive.

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